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Topographical Surveys

Using the latest software and instruments our topographical surveys provide our clients with an accurate solution at a competitive rate.

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As Built Surveys

Tracking every stage of a building project from conception to completion. Our as built surveys become an integral part of a successful development.

Image of as built survey
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Measured Building

Generating an accurate building footprint using 3D laser technology, our CAD work provides floor plans, elevations and cross sections on any structure.

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Volumetric Surveys

A type of topographical survey that measures stockpiles, mining, cut-and-fill exercise and land fill monitoring. We provide 3D digital terrain models.

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Utility Surveys

We provide a full underground map of all the utilities, we use the latest GPR and Electromagnetic detection equipment to trace and locate all buried services.

Image of utility mapping equipment
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Engineering Services

Survey Eng delivers surveying, architectural and engineering services to a diverse range of clients. A full range of topographic surveys is provided.

Image of building site and survey equipment
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