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Land Surveying Using Drones

Over the years, surveying technology has gone through 5 significant technology advancements: the electronic distance meter, GPS, total station, robotic total station as well as laser scanning. Unmanned aircraft systems, popularly known as drones is the sixth significant technological advancement….

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Infographic showing land surveyor facts

Land Surveyor Facts

Here is an infographic showing land surveyor facts. This infographic presents some of the demographical information about land survey statistics, including numbers of people in the industry, gender distribution and working patterns. Share this Image On Your Site Please include…

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A young person using a theodolite

Becoming a Land Survey Engineer in the UK

For anyone with a keen eye for land and its inherent strengths or weaknesses, the calling of the land surveyor will be around you for years to come. If you can see what is wrong with a property just from…

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