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Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric surveys are useful for seeing a project in three dimensions. They can be used for mining, stockpiles, cut & fill exercises, and landfill monitoring. They are a cost effective way of seeing what is going on better than a field survey. You can visually see what the area looks like before and after work is done. With the inclusion of design information from the client volumes can be calculated and 3D rendered exercises can be carried out and submitted.

Volumetric survey graph

You can receive a colour orthophoto in high resolution and a laminated hard copy, if you need it. Volumetric surveys help project the accurate cost of a site, before and after the construction process. You’ll be able to cost a project with the detailed drawing of isopachyte contours.

These types of surveys are used for:

  • Cut and Fill.
  • Exploration and land development.
  • Architecture.
  • Landfill.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Extraction.
  • Surveying.
  • Land Use.
  • Agriculture.
  • Geology and Mining.
  • Asset Mapping.

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