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As Built Surveys

As Built Surveys are surveys that are done during the actual construction or soon after a project is completed. They can also be done. They update the original survey, so you can complete your project with all the information that is required by Local Authorities or Contractor.

Image of as built survey map

They are the most useful for:

  • Road & sewer adoption.
  • Document of underground utilities.
  • Irrigation & Drainage plans
  • Used as base maps for facilities.
  • Basis for GIS.
  • Works with other contractors to provide clarity on a project.

Where a large project is concerned, we can ensure a regular dispatch of drawings as the work progresses.

We can also layer drawings to the client’s own standards and templates if required using personalised drawing sheets.

These are just a few of the uses of good As-Built Surveys. They are accurate, well organized plans of the site/construction to show the end product/ progression of a project. Some contractors do the survey work themselves and run into a conflict of interest. Making them at the last minute when they are mentally on another project. They may not be accurate.

Using our As Built Surveys can be used as a verification the contract has been adhered to. They can act as a form of inspection and should always be done by a third party. You will avoid conflicts with others on the project such as contractors and subcontractors when you use a third party as built surveyor.

We can use the latest technologies such as laser scanning and mobile computing to survey all phases of the project. Mobile computing ensures you get an immediate answer to problems that occur on site that may cause problems or delays in your project.

We provide fast, accurate and organized information to keep your project online and on budget. At times, an as built survey can be the lifeblood of your project.

Call us at 0800 772 3040 or email at *protected email* us with your requirement and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote for the required work.