About Survey Eng

Founded in only 2010, a young company with over 16 years’ experience in the land and engineering survey industry.

SurveyEng Ltd offer a competitive, professional surveying service where the emphasis is on highest precision and quality together with a proven track record of achieving delivery dates and keeping to tight schedules.

We deploy survey teams with the very latest surveying equipment and software to quickly collect, process, edit and issue survey data in AutoCAD and all other major formats. Data can be provided digitally or on hard copy and Surveys can be undertaken throughout UK and Europe.

Quality Assurance procedures are adhered to at all stages of the production of each survey, together with survey records and all data backup systems in place. This ensures accurate work and the ability to detect errors and omissions before the issue of the final drawing.

We take pride in our accuracy, detail and speed in turning the survey around, so you can start your project on time and on budget. It is our policy at SurveyEng Ltd for the Project Surveyor to process their own data; not for it to be passed to a CAD department to be edited by someone who has never been to site.

It is SurveyEng Ltd safety policy to comply fully with the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and all other relevant statutory provisions, and to ensure at all times that the staff have safe and healthy conditions of work and safe systems of work.

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